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About Coffee Culture St. Louis

Established in August 2022, we set out to create a unique space where the heart of Saint Louis can gather, fostering a sense of community while offering the finest coffee experiences. From our passionate owners to our dedicated baristas, our unwavering commitment is to provide outstanding customer service, no matter the occasion - be it a quick coffee-and-cookie stop, a productive work session, or a leisurely hangout with friends. At Coffee Culture, we've carefully curated a relaxed and inviting atmosphere to make each visit memorable.

Our Coffee and Cookies
Our pride and joy are our Counter Culture coffees, thoughtfully selected to delight your taste buds. Complementing these brews are our freshly baked, in-house Cookie Hustle cookies. Crafted daily, our cookies feature a seasonal menu that keeps evolving, promising a new delight with each visit. These hockey puck-sized cookies are perfect as a personal treat or as a centerpiece at your gatherings and parties.

Coffee Culture on Wheels
Before establishing our brick-and-mortar store, we introduced the Coffee Culture truck. We still proudly maintain this mobile extension of our passion for coffee and community. Whether it's for corporate events, school functions, private parties, or the liveliest of festivals, our Coffee Culture truck has roamed the streets of St. Louis, bringing our coffee culture to you.

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